Another great Mexico visit report!

Saturday, February 19th

On Saturday, Willy and some of the Leones from Edinburg traveled to Cd. Victoria to start their ministry journey to Voz Campesina and Cd. Mante. In Victoria, Willy met up with Carlos and Juan Antonio and then proceeded to Voz Campesina’s Saturday service. The Leones along with Isai, a local Leon, led a very jubilant time of praise in Voz as the people also enjoyed a time of singing and shouting unto the Lord. Willy and Carlos both tag teamed and the local body enjoyed a time of communion with the Lord. The Leones then traveled to Cd. Mante as the people there experienced a time of praise and worship service to the Lord. The Church was ready to praise and a great time of refreshing took place. Carlos shared a brief encouraging Word and the Body was able to spend a good time with food and fellowship afterward.

Sunday, February 20th

More Family time...and an Unexpected Baptism!!
On Sunday morning, the Leones led praise and worship at Cd. Mante as the people again rejoiced and had a great time in His presence. Willy then shared a Word to the people of "Not Fearing" and reminded them that the Father, the Lord, and the Spirit of God is with them always. As always, the Word was well received and after the Word, people were ministered to through personal prayer.
As the men traveled back to Cd. Victoria, one of the youngest Leones, Riley from Edinburg, was baptized in the Guayalejo River. Great things are happening in the ministry - Praise God!!!