Men's Conference - Cosecha Mundial

El Mante and Cd Victoria | Nov 10 -13


On Friday, Nov 10th, Willy, Manny, and Riley started on their trip to Cd Mante by picking up Oscar and Abdiel, a father and son duo, in Reynosa.  In Cd Victoria, they picked up Juan Antonio and they continued their trek through the Mountains of Llera.  They arrived in Mante at a good time and enjoyed a good dinner with the entire family. The family was gracious enough to let all 6 men spend the night-a great blessing indeed!


On Saturday morning, the church gathered to praise, pray and fellowship.  The conference had been planned by local Cd Victoria leaders- Carlos, Raul, Pepe, Erik, and others.  On this day, Riley, Juan Antonio, and Abdiel, joined Willy as he led praise this morning.  The people in Mante can praise the Lord with all their heart and soul as they enjoyed a great time in HIS presence. The group then formed a circle and received the Word as Willy and Manny spoke Life and Vision over them. Many people were also prayed for and they received wholeheartedly.

After the service the fellowship continued with some delicious cuisine that only Mante could provide. The men were in awe of the spread of food that was prepared for the Body to enjoy.

The men then left and drove through Xicotencatl to pick up Isai (WHFC Voz Campesina) as he would also join them at the Men's Conference.  The fellowship continued as  the men traveled to Cd Victoria. The men had about an hour to rest and then get to the church for the Conference. The conference had been planned by local Cd Victoria leaders- Carlos, Raul, Pepe, Erik and others.
On this day men from all the World Harvest Churches gathered in Cd Victoria for a Men's Conference that united, motivated and encouraged the churches.  About 40-50 men gathered for a time of fellowship activities, teaching, and a great dinner. Willy Contreras and Manny Barrientes (World Harvest Edinburg) ministered the Word and Pastor Jose Andrade closed the service with Praise and ministry to all the men that needed prayer. Willy and Manny were accompanied by Riley Hernandez (WHFC Edinburg) and Abdiel and Oscar Guerrero (WHFC Rio Bravo) on this trip and as always the team shared their gifts with the church.


On Sunday, Riley, and Willy joined the Praise Team as Father God was greatly praised by very appreciative people.  As always, it was a great trip!  The men were very grateful to the local churches for praying and believing with them for a great and blessed trip!