For Better or For Best: Marriage Seminar 2022

Our Marriage Seminar was a Success!
Starting on Friday night, attendees were introduced to this year's marriage seminar by Pastors Jaime and Stephanie Gonzalez. They shared personal testimonies, taught on the roles in marriage, and ended with a reminder that a marriage before God is a strand of three and meant to never be broken. We do not FALL in love, we CHOOSE love, and therefore 'divorce' should not be in our vocabulary!
In addition to testimonies, Word, and some great encouragement, we also had time for a "newlywed" game and a video that challenged us to see our marriages through to the end. It's just not worth giving up on!
The seminar resumed on Saturday morning with 40 minute sessions of topics including:
- Conflict Resolution,
- Finances,
- Intimacy,
- Vision, and
- Communication

Thank you, Pastors Penny and Fernando Cruz, from Journey Church...

for sharing your experiences and wisdom on the topics of finances and communication! They brought a great energy to the sessions and really helped bring the topics to life. Sharing personal testimonies and the Word in regards to the topics of finances and communication, Pastors Penny and Fernando gave relevant and much needed advice for marriages to thrive! We hope to host them again in the future!

We know we jam-packed information in this seminar and are so very grateful to everyone who chose to invest in their marriages this past weekend. We will be planning our next seminar soon and want to know what you thought about it! If you attended, please visit the following link and answer some questions for us. With your help and suggestions, we know we can make next year's meeting even better! Thanks again and don't forget to put what you've learned into action! 
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