Sumergidos: Cd Victoria Junior Youth Conference

 A much anticipated  Jr. Youth Conference was held in Cd. Victoria on Saturday March 25th.  The leader, Sachel, had planned on this for a while and had been wanting her students to be baptized therefore naming the conference, Sumergidos (submerged).  

Sachel and a team of leaders organized this event and began the service with a group of youth leading the praise service.  They planned a  great afternoon of activities that allowed the kids to fellowship and enjoy a time that was geared for them.  Willy, from the Edinburg church, ministered the Word and taught the kids the importance of being baptized in water and in the Spirit.  The youth received the Word and gained a new understanding of what was being taught.  Willy was pleasantly surprised to be approached by a young boy, Abram, who during a break came up to him and said that he was ready to be baptized even though it was hours before the actual baptism.  The youth enjoyed activities led and organized  by the leaders (Cielo, Vanessa, Fernanda, David, Paola, and many other church leaders).  

After fellowship the youth continued in the Word as Willy and the team ministered by praying for these kids as they prepared their hearts for the baptism.  On that afternoon seven youth submerged themselves in God’s goodness and were baptized in water and it is also believed that most youth present were also baptized in the Spirit.  Brother Carlos and Fernando helped Willy in baptizing these young people and it was a glorious and life changing time.  The following day two more youth were baptized because they wanted their parents present. On this day Raul and Erik helped Willy baptize as Erik baptized his eldest daughter.  

The “Sumergidos” Conference was a great success and the beginning of many more in the future.  We are praying and declaring that our young people will grow in the Lord and live in Him and for Him.