Bodybuilding Classes were a Success!

Thank you for attending!

Leadership took turns bringing the Word to Monday night "Bodybuilding" meetings in Mrch and early April. There were six topics in the series and were shared in a classroom setting that encouraged participation, application, and checks for understanding.

Week 1: Monday, March 7th - Prayer (Spiritual Fighting)
Week 2: Monday, March 14th - Praying The Word of God (The Ultimate Weapons)
Week 3: Monday, March 21st - The Disciple and the Body of Christ (Our Allies in Agreement)
Week 4: Monday, March 28th - The Disciple and Love ( The Greatest Force)
Week 5: Monday, April 4th -  Understanding the Kingdom of God ( Living Free in this World)
Week 6: Monday, April 11th - Praying in the Secret Language (The God Code)

If you have any questions contact Pastor Willy at 956-821-9454.

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Stay tuned for our next series...coming soon!

Meeting Documents

Bodybuilding Class 1 - Spiritual Fighting - Wilfredo Contreras
- Class Notes and Class Worksheet

Bodybuilding Class 2 - Praying the Word of God - Joshua & Tanya Andrade
- Class Outline

Bodybuilding Class 3 - The Disciple and the Body of Christ - Jeanette Andrade
- Notes Worksheet

Bodybuilding Class 4 - The Disciple and Love - Pastor Stephanie Gonzalez
- Notes Outline

Bodybuilding Class 5 - Understanding the Kingdom of God - Pastor Jaime Gonzalez
- Notes Worksheet

Bodybuilding Class 6 - Speaking in Tongues - "The God Code" - Pastor Willy Contreras
- Notes Worksheet