Thank you, Phillip Baker for challenging us to change our default!

What's your default during the storms of life?

We were so very honored to have Evangelist Phillip Baker join our family again and as always, we were so very BLESSED! Brother Phillip always brings the Word in a wonderfully engaging way and challenges us to be and do more in Him!
During this particular visit, he described how we should use the storms of life to GROW! They are can cause the GOOD in us to grow and the BAD to DIE. Instead of going to our 'default' mode, we should REBEL and do exactly the opposite. If we normally stop giving in times of trouble, we should give generously! If we normally hold a grudge, we should forgive and have bitterness die inside of us. If we normally lose the desire to worship, we should do so even more so and have pride die in us! If we praise God in the midst of the storm, fear dies!

Glory to God! Thank you, Brother Phillip Baker, for once more taking the time to visit and impart your ministry gifts on our local family. We always look forward to your visits and are already looking forward to the next one!